Low carb/Paleo impending vacation fun!

Don’t you love it when you have a vacation impending? The excitement, the anticipation is almost palpable! What should you bring for clothes? What activities will you do? What will the food be like? What friends will you make and exciting things and places will you discover? Well take that excitement to the next level for a low carb/Paleo cruise. Get together a bunch of like-minded individuals devoted to healthy eating, nutrition and fitness and you have a recipe (pun intended) for a great time with humour, fun and great friends. There will be a few friends that can’t make this cruise but I hope to see them again next year. I’ll be making this a yearly event for as long as it’s organized. Count on it!

I am so glad I made the decision a year and a half ago to go on the 2011 Low carb cruise because, besides the decision to go on Atkins in the first place, was one of the best I’ve made in my life. I gained so much information, inner peace, personal insight and made such good friends on the last cruise that the decision to go again this year wasn’t even a decision! What better way to spend your vacation than spending a week sailing the Caribbean with like-minded people who “get you” and where you have been in your weight loss/health journey and know where you are going or want to be? People who “get” why you put extra butter on your food and stay away from the dessert tray and bread basket. As much as I love my friends and family, there’s something special about spending time with people who live the same dietary lifestyle you do and “get you”, or at the very least the way you eat. Many of them have lost a lot more weight than I have and deserve props for maintaining their healthy lifestyles just as well as I have.

The health/nutrition/low carb/Paleo seminars are going to be amazing and I can’t wait to spend our “at sea” days learning more about the Paleo way of eating. I hope to get inspired by the lectures! I just have to remember to get an aisle seat so I can step to the back of the room and stretch out my awful back because prolonged sitting kills it 😉

I can’t wait to see our Swedish friends again and hopefully learn some Swedish phrases. I can’t wait to see what Tom Naughton has put together to rib the speaking guests at our low carb/Paleo roast the night before we board the ship at the Meat er… Meet and Great dinner. I’ve seen the menu already and couldn’t help drooling at the yummy food we’ll be eating, even before we step foot on the ship! Best of all, I can’t wait to meet my cruise cabinmate who is Paleo and exudes awesomeness! We’ve facebooked and even skyped over this past year and I can’t wait to meet and spend time with her. It should be a great week. Just two weeks to go. I’d better get packing, methinks!

Low carb/Paleo <3,
Laurie aka. Avalanche.


2 thoughts on “Low carb/Paleo impending vacation fun!

  1. And YOU are wonderful to hang out with! So glad to have met you on the cruise and look forward to our annual “retreat”!! … even if Antonio can’t make it this year. hahahaha

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