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Lost in the blogoshere… nope. Here I am! :)

Ok everyone… I’ve been a bad blogger and realize I haven’t typed a word in months!  So what better time to talk about food and my low carb lifestyle than on arguably the biggest food day of the year, Christmas.  I am Jewish, although non-practicing, especially the bacon loving part  ;)   but I wanted to wish everyone an awesome Christmas and Channukah or whatever you practice.

Now is the time of year to reflect on your accomplishments and look toward the New Year with enthusiasm and hope.  Be proud of what you have achieved in 2011 and vow to achieve even more in 2012.  I think this past year I am most proud of levelling up in derby and of helping a couple of friends find the healthy low carb lifestyle.  I know it has changed  both their lives immensely.  Not only do they look fantastic but they are healthy and have lots of energy.  Awesomesauce!

I am looking forward to the New Year for more than one reason.  It hasn’t snowed much yet here in Ontario so I am eager to throw on my planks and hit the slopes!  New Year’s weekend will be my first opportunity to ski and to spend time with the other patrollers in our rental house up north.  It will be fun spending New Year’s Eve with everyone!  I am also looking forward to spending some time at our beloved club Beaver Valley with my patrol friends (yes, I’ve heard the jokes about the club name… save it! lol). 

I have lost a few pounds this past year since the “low carb cruise” in May.  Although I’ve been low carbing for years I was in a plateau for awhile and found inspiration from the speakers and awesome personalities of my new low carbing friends on the cruise.  I realized that these people “got it” and didn’t see my way of eating as “freaky” or “weird” or that I was winding myself up for a heart attack by eating a high fat diet.  It was very empowering being with a group of people who have the same way of seeing food and nutrition and were supportive of my healthy low carb lifestyle.  I would like to thank them for inspiring me to start this blog to share the knowledge, especially my friend Jimmy Moore.  That was what I took most from our “at sea” seminars…. take your strengths and passion and run with it!  It is from that base which fires me up to help those who want it to change their health like I did.  Also, I’ve made a new friend and roommate for the new cruise this coming year.  Although we’ve talked on the phone and Skyped, I’m more than excited to meet her in person and hang out that week!  She is Paleo and I’m hoping to learn from her and compare notes on our low carb/Paleo lifestyles and different experiences.  I can’t wait to see my cruisemates again… as well as make some new friends!  🙂

Here is hoping that 2012 holds nothing but joy, health and happiness for all my blog readers, your friends and family.  My New Year’s resolution will be not to neglect this blog for months at a time like I’ve recently done  😉


LCHF <3,