Being prepared… and facing challenges!

Well, I survived another Instructors’ weekend for Ski Patrol. Although I find it a little stressful, we have wonderful IT’s (Instructor Trainers) that make it so much easier. Getting recertified is always a challenge for me now with the way I eat.

I am used to having to prepare ahead of time due to the limited food options available to me over the course of the weekend. Pizza and cake are not my friends anymore and have been cut out of my “will”.

This year I brought an Atkins friendly lunch of veggies, sloppy joe and cut up hamburger with a piece of sliced havarti and a dollop of garlic butter… yes, Paleo is proving itself to be difficult for me. I had coconut milk in my coffee in the morning but had cream in my coffee the rest of the day; ok, I pick my “battles” when it comes to my WOE and trying the Paleo WOE (way of eating).

Fortunately I brought my own car and had some protein bars in the trunk on Saturday. I had a protein Jello packed in the lunchbag. Did I mention the microwave they had wasn’t functional? 😦

So there I sat at lunch while everyone feasted on Pizza and Cake to celebrate one of the other Instructor’s birthdays with my Quest protein bar and a protein jello (which has a funny, unenjoyable aftertaste). It wasn’t much fun but at least it raised my blood sugars enough to function for the afternoon.

I used my derby knee pads quite a bit during the weekend for the kneeling things we had to do like CPR and patient assessment. I got some teasing due to wearing them but didn’t care because they definitely save your knees when you’re kneeling on cement so often. My mother complimented me that evening after I told her of this. One of my IT’s even said he thought it showed great preparation… (a trait admired in First Aid Instructors)… ok, I added the bracket remark… true though πŸ˜‰

What’s my point to all this, my friends? Be your own person!! Although you “dance to the beat of your own drum” others will admire you. And even if they don’t the only person you have to answer to at the end of the day is yourself.

We went to a breakfast buffet on Sunday for lunch break and I ate the way I eat; protein, veggies, fat (butter), a bit of cheese, etc. They had a nice omellete station, and although I got the wrong omellette, it hit the spot smothered in whipped butter and salsa! Having to endure watching people eat desserts around me was difficult but I had a couple pieces of cheese and considered that dessert. I found out they had melon but was so full that it didn’t appeal to me at that point.

My exam went well Sunday afternoon because I was fuelled with protein and fat.

It takes courage to go “against the grain”, literally. Is it worth it though? You’d better believe it! To quote Shakespeare, “to thine self be true”. People may not understand the way you eat, even after explaining it to them, but the only person that has to understand it is you, my friends! Stay strong and know you are eating the way you do for you and your health.

LCHF, low carb and Paleo <3,


One thought on “Being prepared… and facing challenges!

  1. Great job staying strong! Paleo is TOUGH. I just cannot seem to ditch the dairy. It keeps me insane and satisfied. I have tried going Paleo several times with no luck.

    Glad your exam went well….keep up the good work πŸ™‚

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