I must not tell lies!

Any of you who know me know I’m a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter series. How does this relate to low carb? You’ll see. In the fifth Harry Potter movie there was a character called Delores Umbridge who tried to make a liar out of Harry Potter for saying that Voldemort, the Dark Lord was back. She was trying to make him look nuts and altogether bad in front of the rest of the students and the rest of the wizarding community. She even made him carve “I must not tell lies” on his hand with a magical quill. Ouch! Poor Harry.

How does this relate to my low carb life? The longer I eat a low carb, high fat diet and the more research I do, the more books I read and the more I talk to other low carb friends, and the more I realize from my own results and experiences, I realize I cannot pretend that the lipid hypothesis is true. The lipid hypothesis basically says that dietary cholesterol causes high cholesterol and heart disease risk in people. It says dietary fat, and specifically that saturated fat is bad for you. Whole grains are healthy too! Not!…..

There is a section in our first aid course for Ski Patrol which espouses the Heart Association’s standard advice of a low fat diet to reduce your heart attack risk. I’ve been teaching First Aid for Ski Patrol the last few years, since before low carbing. The last couple of years while teaching I’ve just kind of clenched my teeth while teaching this section as I usually do the lesson on medical conditions. This list includes Strokes, Angina, Heart Attacks and Diabetes.

After living the low carb way of life for the last seven years I can no longer tell lies. I can not in good conscience regurgitate the low fat lie which encourages “healthy whole grains” and preaches a low fat diet. I am now in a predicament. I might make a “caveot” statement with a half joke about “this is the standard wisdom but I have different experience” statement or just get another First Aid Instructor teach medical conditions this year. I will need to talk to my IT about it (Instructor Trainer).

The more I live and love this way of life…. the better my health improves, the more I realize, like Harry, who knew he was telling the truth about Voldemort despite all the naysayers and non-believers around him and knew himself he had to hold to one fundamental truth… “I must not tell lies”!!

LCHF <3,


6 thoughts on “I must not tell lies!

  1. Similar situation: We are required to distribute a copy of the federal government’s brochure about lead paint to all of our tenants at the time they move in. The back page is a list of tips for staying healthy in general, that seem to go beyond avoiding lead. One of the tips is to “make sure your children eat a low-fat diet”. I have taken to crossing that one out. It just seems to me that better advice, when it comes to what we eat, would be “make sure your children eat a non-paint-chip diet.” But hey, WTF do I know? đŸ˜‰

  2. From the Australian Heart Foundation: 1 Eat margarine not butter. 2 Switch to reduced, low fat or no fat dairy products. 3 Use skim milk. 4 Eat raisin toast and margarine, not biscuits or cakes. 5 Eat lean ham, not salami on your sandwiches.

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