And the results are in……

Recently I got the blood cholesterol results back from my doctor. My results in a word…. stellar. My doctor said I had “the best cholesterol in town”. Considering my “town” has a population of over 400,000 I’ll take that as a compliment.

I have gotten, of course, blood cholesterol results since I’ve been on low carb which have been excellent but always manage to lose them. So before that happens again I will post them in this blog so I have a “cyber-record” of them. My overall cholesterol was 5.75 which according to the “experts” as Tom Naughton would chime is high. Overall cholesterol is meaningless unless you understand the TYPE of cholesterol it is.

Any medical expert, even those preaching a low fat high carb diet, will tell you that Triglycerides are the biggest predictor of a future heart episode… ie. heart attack. My Triglycerides were 0.75 mmol/L. In American numbers that would be 66.43 That is excellent!!! They recommend it be less than 2.30 mmol/L. So my Trig # is more than 2/3rds LESS than they recommend. As Dana Carpender would say, if I’m going to have a heart attack, when is this going to happen? Dietary fat is NOT related to cholesterol in the blood. Sugar and bad carbohydrates are!!

Of course getting these results is pleasing to me but it also fires me up to keep up with the cause of educating North Americans about the healthy high fat low carb lifestyle to lose weight, obtain health and eradicate metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypoglycemia and even Alzheimer’s which those in the low carb community are now calling Type 3 diabetes, caused from sugar and a high carbohydrate diet. Links are being established now in the medical community between cancer and high carb diets.

Back to my cholesterol results though….
My HDL, the “good cholesterol” was 3.37 The recommended number is over 1.30 so my results are almost TRIPLE the recommended number. HDL is raised by eating FAT, people. Not to mention eating a lot of real food like veggies and salads. A low carb diet such as Atkins includes real food.

My LDL number is 2.04 which my doctor says is amazing. Why would I want to eat any other way?! Besides regaining my health by getting off Pantaloc for heartburn and frequent antacids, Diflucan for IBS as well as a medication for depression (if you were as unhealthy as I was you’d of been depressed too!), losing 100 pounds and going from obese to fit, muscular and active; I get to eat real food like butter, eggs, cheese, steak, chicken, fish, veggies and salads, nuts & seeds.

Not only are sugar and grains evil and responsible for North Americans poor health, fat has been unjustly vilified by not only the medical community but by the media and the governments of Canada and the U.S. Are they afraid big Pharma and the USDA will go bankrupt? Yes!! If people ever figure out that a high sugar, high carbohydrate, low fat diet are killing them and decide to eat the way our ancestors intended, then a few industries won’t be very happy. It’s always interesting to me that the Standard American Diet has the acronym S.A.D. I was SAD a few years ago and now that I’ve gotten my life back I’m happy. Why would I ever want to go back to S.A.D.?!

It lights my fire to get results back like this because I know I’m on the right track and I can tell people like me that it’s ok… you’ve been lied to about diet. Fat isn’t evil. Sugar and bad carbs are!! Once people start realizing it they can start living the long beautiful life they were meant to live… full of vigor, vitality and full health.

LCHF <3,


4 thoughts on “And the results are in……

  1. Awesome Laurie! After my first year on Atkins I had the same kind of results. My nurse was floored saying in all her 20 years she’d never seen such great numbers. She also noticed my 40 pound loss and asked me what I was doing, because she was on Weight Watchers and it wasn’t really working. When I said Atkins, her jaw hit the floor. This was back in late 2002, when Atkins was even more hated than it is now. LOL
    You keep going girlfriend! Keep sharing the truth and walking the walk!

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