What’s missing? Absolutely nothing, thanks.

It makes me chuckle a bit when I hear customers coming through my line raving about how good an ice cream flavour is or how good some other high carb nutritionally devoid food is. I’ve struggled the past week to find a topic “blog worthy” and was inspired today from a customer of all people ha ha! She was raving over how good some pita pockets were and said “Have you tried these? You have to try them!”. I usually just reply “No, they sound good.” just to end the conversation politely. Ever since the cruise (see what you guys have done! lol) I’ve been increasingly proud of being a low carber and have been more vocal about it. Today I replied something to the effect of “No, I eat a low carb diet”. She said “Too bad. You’re missing out”. To which I said, “No, not really.”

I realize I have the best of both worlds with my “diet”… and by that I mean lifestyle. I have the gift of good health and get to eat real food. I realize after years now of research through online and book sources that grains are not what people are meant to eat. Sugar is evil and they were responsible not only for my weight problems but for my poor health in general. They have caused my father’s health problems due to Congestive Heart Failure and the fact that he is currently on 9 medications. Although my mother isn’t diabetic I’ve seen hypoglycemic symptoms and arthritis in her and often wonder if she’d be better off eating the way I do. She just says it’s fine for me but not for her. I know I have faith in myself that if I indulge in something “off plan” I can jump right back into this way of eating because it’s so “ingrained” in me (pardon the pun) after 7 years that it has become part of who I am.

I still use the occasional low carb wraps in Harvey’s to eat my burger, cut in thirds just so I have enough to hold it with. I have low carb granola bars or l/c protein bars or “protein pudding” made occasionally on rush em, get outta the house mornings. As a whole I don’t eat grains, sugar, starch or white flour, rice or “Carbage”. What’s missing? Absolutely nothing, thanks. Everything in my diet is as it should be. Don’t feel sorry for me because I don’t eat nachos at social functions or bread at dinner outtings or have to pick the croutons off my salad. It’s what I’ve chosen… and will for the rest of my life. Do I miss feeling unhealthy? Nah. Do I miss the 100 lbs. of fat weighing me down and making me feel helpless? Nah. Do I miss Hypoglycemia and the crippling symptoms of headaches, sweats, nausea and trembling from crashing low blood sugar it causes. Heck no!! (feel free to substitute another word for “heck” πŸ˜‰ Do I miss knowing that I was on the road to Diabetes and the inevitable health problems it entails? Nah again.

Don’t feel sorry for me, ok. My world is exactly as it should. So I’ll sit here eating my low carb high fat breakfast and know that my blood sugars are stable, my health is awesome and I feel great. Best of all I’ve secured my good health in the future by eating the way I never thought I would… a low carb high fat diet full of real food that I absolutely love!

LCHF <3,
Laurie πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “What’s missing? Absolutely nothing, thanks.

  1. So right and since the cruise I too am stronger at telling people what I eat!
    Oh and I read this while eating fatty bacon with extra butter mmm am I missing out? Absolutely not πŸ˜‰

  2. Ribs on the barby last night, salad with bleu cheese dressing, a couple glasses of cabernet. Yeah, I’m missing out!

    Steak and eggs for breakfast yesterday morning. Yeah, missing out there, too.

    In a few minutes I’ll go have lunch — no-noodle lasagna, just cheese, meat, tomatoes, herbs, and more cheese. Cantaloupe and bing cherries. Gosh I feel so deprived.

    Not! πŸ˜€

  3. I agree totally! I myself have been struggling a bit more. Not with staying on plan, that part has been easy. But…after my months of binging unfortunately my body is hanging on tight to the extra poundage. After a month of strict LCHF I lost a whopping 1.7 lbs. I started Atkin’s fat fast this week and am FINALLY firmly in Ketosis and seeing some movement, even though my percentages are nearly identical less calories seemed to be necessary to get me going. I’m hoping to be able to transition into induction next week and continue to lose. But I feel great!

  4. Dear Laurie
    Hello from Australia where there are very few people interested in low carbing. Jimmy Moore has interviewed a few Aussie low carbers but I haven’t been been able to interest anyone, personally. Our media has lots of articles about low fat diets and recipes. Take a look at the Diabetes Australia site. Go into the recipe page and click on the dessert. I feel unwell just looking at the picture. I will have to be content to be a good example and hope that helps others. I am 64 and healthy weight. I don’t take any medication.
    I love your version of the plate. It is now on my desktop.
    Best wishes from the land down under.

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