News from the cruise!!

I was inspired by the cruise and decided to put my blogging chops to the test.  I was always great at creative writing in High School so I thought “why not?!”.  I’ll start a blog about my Low carb/High fat diet & lifestyle.  As many of you already know I have lost 100 pounds a few years ago and have been losing a few more or at least toning up the past year.  I have added Roller Derby and Rollerskating to my Skiing regimine in the winter time which has definitely helped my weight loss and fitness goals.

I have been talking to a few low carb people on Facebook for over a year and was glad to share this recent cruise on the Carnival Freedom to Key West, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios with the group of over 100 low carb enthusiasts and experts in the low carb community.  We had speakers in a seminar room on the “at sea” days.  I found it so inspiring and have taken a lot away from it personally.  I especially enjoyed meeting a few people who I have admired personally and their contribution to the low carb high fat community.  Tom Naughton and his wife Chareva were a delight to get to know.  I was inspired by Jackie Eberstein, Dr. Atkins right hand clinical nurse for many year because she has a similar story to mine… undiagnosed hypoglycemia.  I regained my health in that regard after starting my low carb high fat lifestyle.  I might touch upon that in another blog.  Basically though I was self-diagnosed.

Jimmy and Christine Moore inspired me too due to their down to earthness and their own passion of the low carb high fat lifestyle.

I was especially inspired by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and the Swedish cruisers in our low carb group.  They have a big low carb high fat movement in Sweden and they are putting the brakes on the obesity & diabetes epidemic in that country with a healthy low carb high fat diet.  It inspired me to start calling my own “Way Of Eating” (usually referred to in Low Carb Forums as WOE) as Low Carb High Fat instead of just Low Carb.  It is generally agreed in low carb circles that if you eat low carb without high fat you can actually get sick.  It is unhealthy.  Fat is not to be feared.  Our low fat high carb eating in North America is causing so many people to be unhealthy and sick.  I was one of them, after all.  That is why I am so passionate about this WOE.  I don’t like other people suffering needlessly the way I did.

I will blog more later about the cruise because I have to get ready for my other passion, derby  😉

LCHF Love,

Laurie “Avalanche” Rosen


15 thoughts on “News from the cruise!!

  1. Awesome! 100 pounds is fantastic!!! You were so full of energy and fun. I loved meeting Antonio! Hope to spend a little more time with you next year! eh? hahaha

    • Thanks, Becky! And if I haven’t thanked you already for all your hard work setting up our fabulous cruise, then Thank You!! 🙂 It has inspired me to share the low carb message to those wanting better health.

  2. Hey, Laurie! Way to go!

    I so enjoyed meeting you on the cruise! You have so much enthusiasm, and it is definitely contagious!

    I am subscribing to your RSS feed, so I won’t miss a word!

  3. Way to go, Avalanche! Do you have photos? I know I’d lose weight easily if I could eat this way but my brain can’t take it. Maybe in a few months. I love your food photos on FB though!

    • What pics do you mean? Before and after pics? I don’t have before pics on digital format for blogging although I can show you sometime in person. I will continue to take pics of my low carb high fat food for facebook 🙂

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